There’s a mouse in my house.

A mouse has forced me to podcast and is turning me into a crazy person. Also – traffic and weather from Caddie.


It lives.

That’s right, I’m back after (another) long (but not as long) hiatus. Listen to me complain about things that aren’t worth the amount of energy I give them for 45 minutes. Also – I had some unexpected visitors to my apartment.

Empty Purell Bottles


The first episode of 2016, featuring updates on my sneaker game, my dislikes, and an interesting Uber experience. Please like us on Facebook at /notthatpaulyd

This is a weird one.

It’s the night before New Year’s Eve and Lindsay is asleep and I am bored. The perfect formula for a late night, strange podcast about Yeezys and my strange encounter in a local Shoprite.

Roadside Romantic

Dusty Microphone

Here it is… the much anticipated return of the Not That Pauly D Show. This episode is all about my adventures in Soul Cycling!


I talk through some current topics in the news (is that redundant?), and the goings on in my life.

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RIP Patrice O’Neal


How to Throw Yourself Under the Bus 101

I’m back! Episode 19 is live after a short two week hiatus. I try my best to catch you up on all that’s been missed in pop culture and my life. And of course, this is a very special Valentine’s Day episode!

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Super Score-O

I get to check an item off of my bucket list!!! I won’t give away much more, but listen in to hear the story of how I had a dream come true.

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Justin Bieber’s Swag Coach

Welcome to my very first episode with real life guests for the whole show! I invited my friend’s Ray (@raygarsha) and Baron Jon (@zerotofluent, from We go a full hour talking about Baron Jon’s journey to learning Chinese in 90 days, Ray’s heritage, the Oscars, movie marathons and much, much more.

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My New Year’s Resolution: Drink Beer

Trying the 25 minute format again…hate it? love it? Let me know. I witnessed some craziness outside of my office today, have recently started a new challenge, and finally I talk about the Flu epidemic. I’m looking for a guest for next episode… let me know if you’re interested!


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B is for Bad

I’m experimenting by getting my episodes to 25 minutes (the average US commute), let me know what you think. Happy New Years… so why do we celebrate New Years after all? We survived the fiscal cliff, and I’m still trying to figure out how to survive the food regulations in NYC.

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*Warning* The song taking the episode out is explicit.

Subway Surfers

It’s episode 14 – the very special Christmas episode… well not really. But it IS nearly 40 minutes of me talking about my continued subway experiences, parallel universes, and the crazy things I’ll do to make a few bucks.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It


It’s been too long since I’ve been on – have a bit of a cold, so sorry for the delay. We chat about the horrible event of last week, the politics of Christmas, kitty bombing, and the end of the world.

Carousel Capitals and Townie Bars

I’m back – have no fear. Episode 12 is being brought to you live from NY (sort of). I breach controversial subjects like billboards, bumper stickers, and townie bars.

“…and that’s why I can eat a lot”

Listen to my longest episode yet; 45 minutes of my favorite content to date! Hear me rant about elevators, catfish, and online dating experiences.

Murder and Irrational Fears

Special thanks to SkyLion (click link for Facebook) for providing me some great music to open my show up with! You can buy their album here, it’s only $5 and it’s a great album! Check it out here: SkyLion – Learning to Listen

Listen to me talk about Australia, daylight savings time, avoiding murder, Undercover Boss, and my not so irrational fears.

Wooden Bags and Open Containers

It’s election night, and I spent over 2 hours in line waiting to vote. As you might imagine, I have a few stories from my experience.

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